Sunday, May 27, 2012

life over blog

(The title of this post was suggested by Carol's post yesterday over at Red Dirt in my Soul. So true!)

Thanks to everyone who commented last Wednesday. I had every intention of posting the give-away results on Friday as promised but then life decided it had other plans...

Primo's participation in the state sectional track meet on Friday afternoon turned into an ambulance ride and then a hospital stay that night, after he collapsed due to heat exhaustion and severe dehydration. He gave us all quite a scare. He was finally released yesterday afternoon and though he is still a bit weak and tired, has made a full recovery.

It may take the rest of us a bit longer to get back on track.

Thanks to Secondo's help (it's become a blog tradition), I managed to get the names drawn out of the hat today. The winner was Nina, but youtube is giving me fits and I can't get the video uploaded.

Congrats Nina!


  1. Yikes! So glad he is better now.

  2. Oh my gosh - what a scare! Big hugs and I am happy to hear that everything is ok now.