Thursday, May 31, 2012

may bookstand

Still not done with the British monarchy book! My friend Peg has suggested I just give up. I'm not there yet; I have to find out if the British monarchy manages to survive as an institution! Please don't give it away.

Here's what I did get through, most of which was very light and fluffy in comparison.

Don't Forget About Me and Dream Lover, by Suzanne Jenkins
Recommend. My friend Suzanne used to own a local yarn store, but recently retired to the midwest and started writing novels. Her creativity and prolificacy blow me away. The first novel in the series was Pam of Babylon; she recently announced she is planning one more to wrap up all the character's stories. I enjoyed the third one (Dream Lover) the most so far: a very creative presentation, even though at times it rose to the level of horror.

The Girl in Hyacinth Blue, by Susan Vreeland
Recommend, but it underscores my need for this bookstand project. Halfway through the book, I realized that I had read it before, because how many books involve a baby and a painting in a boat? I did enjoy it the second time around but really wish I had remembered I already read it. Unfortunately, this book was the only one I managed to take off my bookshelf.

Fireworks over Toccoa, by Jeffrey Stepakoff
Recommend. A very quick read; it reminded me of Bridges of Madison County, but I enjoyed the descriptions of time and place.

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, by Olivia Davenport
Somewhat meh. I hate to even mention this one because it was a post-Maryland Sheep & Wool recovery book, when I needed a completely non-challenging read. I will say that it fulfilled that purpose very well.

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