Sunday, May 13, 2012

a lovely day for moms

In all regards, a lovely day in this neck of the woods. Bright but not too hot... A light breeze blowing... Wonderfully thoughtful husband and somewhat cooperative children... What more could a mother ask for?

I started the day out just right, too. I finished plying some cheviot and got it washed and hung to set the twist before anyone in the house was even astir.

This roving has been sitting around here for... hmm, I'm not even sure. Let's just say a while. The purple strand was kettle-dyed by me a while back, when I was first experimenting with dyeing. I plied it with white from the same fleece to tone down the hue a little. I am pleased with the result: 260 yards of a very lofty, light yarn. It may be taken to farmer's markets for sale, or it may be the perfect shade for a hat for my LSH's niece.

Either way, it is nice to have it in a more useful form!

It's part of my "get fleece out of the house" campaign, currently underway. Multiple projects are in the works. Just want to see a lot of it gone, though I find myself worrying that if I get rid of too much, I won't have any left. At this point I must remind myself that wool is a renewable resource. At this very moment, countless sheep are hard at work on making more. In fact, seventeen are slaving away at the task right in my backyard.

Deep breaths.

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