Monday, February 7, 2011

one trombone

For your listening "pleasure" (really, for his grandparents that weren't able to attend the recent 6th grade concert):

To get the full effect that we experienced at the concert, you will have to imagine two trombones playing this tune but there were technical difficulties and unfortunately there is no recording.

Technical difficulties has been the buzzword/excuse for non-blogging, and I am sticking to it. In addition to a flooded basement, a kid with the flu, two dead computers, two HS winter track meets and other assorted issues... The following video is just a small representation of what I am dealing with.

NOW I know that the tiny red dot on the camera screen (tiny, I tell you!) indicates when you are recording (or not). No comments, please, peanut gallery. My kids have already had enough of a heyday with this one. It is in the running to be their favorite video of all time.


  1. ha ha ha ha .....cant laugh loud enough...will wake up the Mrs.

    My regards to the young trombonist!

  2. Oh Sugar! That is a riot. A riot! I'm going to watch this every time I want to pull out my hair. Hee hee! Hee!