Thursday, January 27, 2011

five stages of snow

We have had a lot of snow this winter, and it is only January. I am going to have to start consulting an Inuit thesaurus* to find new and different words for snow so I don't have to repeat the word over and over in blog posts.



Snow. Snow. Snow. 

I know Dusty, I feel the exact same way: yet more snow.

This means that we have passed through the first three stages of snow reaction:

1. joy and delight;

2. dismay;

3. bitter complaining; and now we are on

4. resignation.

(I think the fifth might be municipal bankruptcy, but I'm not sure.)

Our snow shoveling team now doesn't even bother to hope for a snow day anymore. Even if it means a day off school, they know it will be plenty of solid work as we struggle to clear a 300 foot driveway and a five car patient parking lot so my LSH can open for the day. We have always done it by ourselves, with our tiny little front loader and plenty of boy power. This wasn't a big deal until last year, when the snow seemed to quadruple from what we had in previous years. Suddenly, it became a very big deal indeed.
But we had a big change this morning:
My LSH threw in the towel and called a plow guy. I don't think there is a thing that he could have said that would have made the boys happier.
Hard to believe, as Mr. Weekend Farmer pointed out to me, that he took this picture three years ago, almost to the day. We haven't had a winter like that since -- and it made me thank the heavens that at least we aren't dealing with lambs right now!
Just snow.
* Yes, it is a joke. Apparently the whole "400 words for snow" thing is a hoax.


  1. Too bad that we can not put some snow on hold somewhere and have it available to roll around in at the 4H Fair this summer!

  2. Even though this is Maine and we are supposed to be used to all the snow, our groaning continues as well! But I think that you folks have gotten hit harder than we have.

  3. LOL about the stages of snow!...We have passed through the first 3 stages as well!

    Glad you got a snow plow guy to come...

  4. Ditto what Nina said since I'm from Maine, too. It would be beatiful if we didn't have animals that needed tending and could just stay inside by the fire and knit or whatever. We're very ready for Spring!