Monday, January 24, 2011

lost in time

I know, I know, two weeks since my last post (I know, Dad!) but I had a most serious problem:

No computer.

Mine died just after I banged out a 1,000 word article on (unfortunately, cannot say, but did I mention it was over 1,000 words?). I may have let out a little sob when they told me it would take up to a week to try and recover the lost files... I waited in vain for them to call with an update... then finally resigned myself to rewriting it on my LSH's office computer. Poor guy had to trip over books, photocopies and scribbled notes for three days while he was struggling to actually make a living.

Of course they called to let us know it was fixed one hour after I finished the rewrite. It was only a bad power supply -- you can't tell me they couldn't fix that in less than seven days. Argh!

But I have it now and all is right (write?) with the world.


  1. Glad to hear it, Kris! I have not been able to get a copy of Piecework yet. Didn't see it at Halcyon last week when Pam and I were there. But the write up in Knitting Daily looked great!

  2. : ) Hi there. I was going through some of my older posts...remember this?

    What a difference in landscape...same time..2 years ago.