Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day

Let me start out by wishing a happy Valentine's Day to all, and emphasize from the start that I don't have anything personal against the holiday. Today's celebration was particularly noteworthy, however.

You see, my dear children spent a bit of time in the card store by themselves last week, while I was stuck in a snafu of a checkout line at the supermarket. When I eventually popped in to pay for their selections, they were quite secretive about their choices and promptly hid them upon returning home.

I remembered that shopping expedition this morning, when their father received this lovely card celebrating the spirit of the season:

The interior goes on from there, to complement him on how wonderful he is, and what a great job he is doing, how appreciative they are, etc. etc. Lovely sentiments, all.

Meanwhile, MY card from the boys looked liked this:

And breezily wished me a happy Valentine's Day from the people that "usually caused me to make that face." Not even a word of apology or remorse, mind you!

I had ample time to think about the irony of this situation today as I washed dirty plates, picked up stinky socks, put away crumpled papers and washed practically every item in their wardrobe. No doubt the look on my face was quite similar. The truth hurts, I suppose.

p.s. Thanks for all the notes of concern and well wishes. It was a rocky weekend but I am finally on the mend!


  1. This is the best laugh I've had in a while. THANKS and Happy V.Day!

  2. Too funny.
    Hope what had you down is gone.

  3. Oh Kris, that is too funny!...I didn't realize you were also not feeling well...Glad you are feeling better :-)

  4. Perhaps next year you should choose the card too? Glad you are up and at 'em.

    p.s. I finally found a copy of Piecework. Loved it! Looking forward to the next one.

  5. I am loving your podcast. I like hearing about your farm and learning interesting information about your profession. Keep it up!