Thursday, February 10, 2011

so sue me already

It has come to my attention that certain people, not my dad but maybe extremely closely related to my dad, have been complaining about the lack-o-post so far this year.

In a paltry attempt to humor such people, I am putting up this post with a picture of melting snow -- thank the heavens above. Hopefully you will find it lovely and inspiring and all that. I for one am glad to see the back end of it.

Thanks to my generous children, I am now suffering from the creeping crud, so I am taking myself off to bed, with the hope that certain people are satisfied.


  1. LOL now is the winter of our discontent.

  2. I have another chest cold or flu as well. Why do kids feel the need to share???

    Feel better soon, Kris.

  3. It wasnt me : ) !

    Feel better...loads of honey, lemon, ginger. Weekendfarmer's Rx.

    I know you have a live-in physician : )

  4. Just getting over fun. Hope you feel better soon, Kris.

  5. oh by the way...I need some major help with re-seeding the pasture. What do I do? I found someone on craigslist and he wants $600!!! Can you believe it? What do you guys do? I cant keep buying hay :)

  6. OH! So sorry the creeping crud has infested your house. I am nursing a nasty head cold myself so I can sympathize! Hope you get the rest you need! I for one am thoroughly annoyed that the daytime medicine I took is clearly giving me the stoned medicine head I was trying to avoid!