Sunday, February 27, 2011

an exercise in frustration

Remember those fresh, clean sheep coats we put on last Saturday?

As of feeding time this morning, they were all just fine...

But when I went out at 2 pm, this horrific sight met my eyes:

The white patch on her side is where she tore a hole
in the LAST coat that she had on.

ARGH! On a good note, baby lambs are definitely in there. I don't know if you can tell from the picture though.

By the time I found a clean coat in her size, repaired the rips in it, changed into chore clothes, and went back outside, she had ripped the neck out of the old one and left it in a forlorn heap in the back of the pasture.

This is Farrah, who had triplets last year. She managed to do the same thing last year, around the same time, and I left her alone because she was so darn big with those lambs that I couldn't find a coat to fit her comfortably. Her fleece was completely ruined by hay chaff in less than a month. I can't afford to sacrifice her fleece this year, because we have had unprecedented demand for our fleeces.

She nearly took me out in the mud -- again -- while I got this one on, but Too Darn Bad, Sister, you are wearing a coat and that's the end of it.


  1. Good luck. She's really looking beautiful!

  2. That look is the sheep equivalent of a dare.

  3. stupid internet. the photos are not loading for me. i will come back tomorrow to see naughty farrah and her coat of shame... :)

  4. come and get me sucka