Thursday, March 3, 2011

early morning visitors

The first clue we had was the garbage truck, sitting on the road and honking at 6:30 am this morning. It wasn't our garbage company reminding us that we had forgotten to put our cans out (as if!). I couldn't figure out what he was going on about: Primo was on his bus, the dogs were in the house and the boys were in bed, so I went back to work. In my pajamas. (The benefits of working from home in the early morning!)

Five minutes later, our phone rang, and the mystery was solved: our next door neighbor (who lives a quarter mile down the road) had a break out. Her three miniature horses were on the loose in our front yard.

By the time I got dressed and out there, she had lured two of the three into our empty paddock. You could read the sheep's minds: for the love of pete, what are these things and why are they paying a call at such an uncivilized hour?

The rattle of the grain bins in the barn distracted them from their concentrated disapproval. You can tell where the barn is located: right where they are all looking. Doesn't the one in the middle look particularly tubby? Not surprisingly, she is the one that has her head down, eating, in the top photo.

Of course, Dusty had to check them out and took a bit of convincing not to chase them around.

Our neighbor's husband showed up with two leads a little later, and my LSH volunteered to help take one of them back home. Their farm is not visible in the photo; those minis were on quite a jaunt.

I am not sure if the sheep extended a return invitation or not. My suspicion is not.

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  1. An adorable account of escaped critters. They seem much more agreeable than cattle. Hoping your lambing season goes well!