Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shearing day 2011

I am a little behind on posts -- heck, I am a little behind on life and even more importantly, sleep -- so this is a barebones effort to start catching up. Here's a few shots of our shearing day, only ten days late. Photos compliments of Terzo, who was entrusted (probably too much trust) with the new camera.

First candidate on the shearing board...

... and all done. That's our ram, Iggy.

Our highly experienced farm chapter of the ISPSPP
(International Society of Professional Sheep Poop Pickers)

Our chapter knows how to have fun.

Who in the heck are ewe?

(The sheep often take a little time to recognize each other after the fleeces come off.
We have a harder time identifying them as well!)

Waiting for mom to come back

Thanks to a very experienced crew, who probably wish they were somewhat less experienced, the day went like clockwork. Given all that preceded shearing, we were beyond grateful for all the help, especially given Primo's absence that day at a science fair competition. Darn kids just get big enough to be really useful then they go and get their own lives!


  1. Great photos as usual. I can't get over that gorgeous lamb face! I don't know that I have ever seen that pattern of white in that semi-circle up around the eyes. Beautiful!

  2. I'm with Nina, that lamb is captivating. What unusual markings. Who is his mom again?

    Love the update. Just getting to the sheep shearing part in Farmer Boy with Sophie. I will have her check out these photos!

    p.s. I"ve been by your neck o the woods twice this week. I'm getting good at the South Jersey scape.