Monday, March 7, 2011

message received

It appears that Hermione reads this blog, because she got the message loud and clear. Guess what my LSH found this morning when he went out to feed?

Up, dried off and nursing already.
The best kind of delivery!

He was so surprised (she is a couple of days early) and so busy trying to figure out what he was seeing, that he didn't look where he was going, tripped over the garden cart and ripped a giant hole in his work pants.

Hermione was Secondo's tenth birthday present, so he was well pleased to meet her cute little ewe lamb. (Last year she had twin ram lambs, not quite as exciting.)

Snug as two bugs in their clean lambing jug.

I have never seen Secondo move so fast in the morning. He was dressed and out the back door with clean towels and lambing supplies before I even had a chance to get into work clothes.

In other news...

At least she didn't ruin the coat this time,
just managed to shimmy out of the leg straps.

Yep, that's Farrah again. Apparently she is finding this battle highly amusing (click on the photo for a close-up of her facial expression).


  1. Wow! She's a beauty. Mazel tov on the first lamb. And a ewe!

  2. Wow! Congrats!!! Any names yet? : )

    I love those lambing jugs. I should get some of those. How long do you usually keep them there?