Saturday, March 12, 2011

still the one

We still have only the one lamb because our other ewes are taking their sweet time.

Luckily, she is cute as the dickens and can handle all the adoration single-handedly. Secondo has named her Kalista (Greek name, meaning "very beautiful") -- Kali for short.

I took this video just after we let her out of the jug for the first time. The jug is a purposefully small space that we put the mom and lamb(s) into just after birth, so they can bond, keep the other ewes away, allow us to keep a close eye on the pair of them, etc. She was definitely ready to get out and explore the big wide world of the barn, though she got a little shy once I brought the camera back and started to play hide and seek with me.


  1. Cute video. We have not begun to lamb yet, so it's nice to have a preview!

  2. aptly named!!! Lovely little thing.

  3. She is indeed, a beauty! Enjoyed your post & pics as always.

  4. Is there anything more adorable that a sweet, baby lamb? maybe a human baby...but the little lambs don't need to be changed at 3 am :0)!