Sunday, March 20, 2011

minus one

We lost one of the triplets today -- the big ram lamb, the last one out. We did our best, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Any shepherd who tells you that it should be is either lying, or lucky, or both.

We are foggy with exhaustion today. That probably didn't help matters. We had a great shearing day yesterday, though, and I hope to get pictures up in a day or so. Thank goodness for an amazing amount of skilled help from good friends and relations.

In the meantime, the count stands at 7 lambs: 5 ewes, 2 rams. Holly is letting her ewe lamb nurse without our assistance, so that is huge progress. We are still feeding her ram lamb and the two remaining triplets because we are not convinced they are getting enough from their mom. We have two ewes left to deliver: Farrah, who is as big or bigger than last year (when she had triplets) and Hope, who we didn't know was pregnant until she was on the shearing boards.

Shepherding surprises aren't always bad ones, though there are certainly days when it feels that way.


  1. The losses feel heartbreaking as we know. I am so sorry. But it looks like the others are doing well. And they are beautiful!

  2. So sorry to hear about the baby ram! :( Thats a pity. You are right...sometimes nothing seems to work.

    Congrats on the other babies! We were scared with Elizabeth who didnt seem to register both her kids. I thought she was going to abandon one. Thanks God, both of them are nursing now.

    Glad you got shearing done!

  3. sad. The ups and downs of farming are so extreme. Big hugs!

  4. What a week you've had down there. It's no wonder I've been thinking about you guys. Sorry for the loss, that is difficult, even when you know you did all you could. Kudos to the real country doctor! You're giving Herriot a run for the money.