Saturday, March 1, 2014

sheep shots

The stars aligned: a sunny day, a few free hours, and minimal snow on the ground. We herded the ewes into the catch chute, and got to work.

The pregnant ones were in desperate need of their CD&T* shot, which we give two to four weeks before lambing to give them time to build up sufficient antibodies in their systems. Once their lambs are born, they will get passive immunity from their mothers through the colostrum (first milk), which is the most effective way for them to receive it until their systems are a bit more developed. We are cutting it a bit close, but beggars cannot be choosers in terms of weather conditions this winter.

So, sheep shots today, and a few changed coats to make sure the fleeces stay in the best condition possible prior to shearing.

Only one helper though.

The other two are at the shore for the weekend, with a 4-H teen conference. More on that tomorrow.

Individualized attention, a rarity in his life, revealed that we have been sadly remiss in teaching our youngest how to properly chain a gate shut. His father made him do it again... and again... with Lambykins watching the entire time... until he was sure that Terzo could do it properly. Gate latching is an important skill on a farm.

*Clostridium perfringins type C & D, and tetanus.

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  1. Ah, your lone child helper is definitely a cutie, though!