Thursday, March 27, 2014


I figured out what the last two girls were waiting for: my first day back at work today.

When I arrived home at 4:20, just in time to take the younger two to piano lessons, things looked a little out of sorts in the small paddock. Ewes with lambs were out in the windy cold, which suggested that an expectant mother had taken possession of the cozy shed for her labor. I asked Primo to check it out, and headed off. When I didn't hear from him, I assumed all was OK.

Silly me.

When I arrived home two hours later, something was DEFINITELY not right back there. I hopped back as best I could, still in my work clothes, and started to count. And rubbed my eyes, and counted again, and...

Yep. There were two more black ones back there, that hadn't been there before! Kevyn had little black twins dried off and in the middle of the field, ready to go into the barn and a jug.

And the bigger one was a EWE!!! Good girl, Kevyn!

She had vacated the shed, because Henrietta was busy in there, having HER babies.

TWO EWES!! Your eyes aren't deceiving you, there is only one in that picture because things got too hectic after the second one arrived and we were trying to get everyone sorted.

The rest of the babies are bouncy and causing all sorts of lamby mayhem. This one got himself into the hayrack and couldn't find his way out again. They will have four new cohorts in no time.

Final tally for 2014: 12 lambs, 4 ewes and 8 rams.