Friday, March 7, 2014

finally friday

This week finally went as it was supposed to. The plan was to work at my new job Monday through Thursday, and then Friday was for my own work. I have been skunked so far by a zillion or so snow days (on which I end up working for my husband instead), state ag conventions, visits to costume exhibits, so on and so forth.

But today my day to myself actually went as planned.

And boy, did I have plans.

I managed to accomplish about ten percent of the list but it was a very productive day all the same. Project started, laundry done (sort of), new dyeing process experimented with, items made for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival... Most of all, binge watching Mr. Selfridge Season 1, which I somehow missed the first time around.

I felt very self-indulgent, until I reminded myself that most of these things I am getting paid for! I am a terrible offender at putting my projects in last place, as though they are just a hobby and not worth prioritizing. Then I wonder why everyone else treats them exactly the same way.

Turns out Dusty has a clear understanding of days she is home and days she is not home. Starting this past fall, as soon as Terzo's bus cleared the treeline at the edge of the property, Dusty would bark up a storm for me to let him out so he could run and greet his boy, then race him back to the house. My husband and older sons swear that he hasn't been doing this since I went back to work—apparently he quietly watches Terzo walk down the driveway into the office. Today, though, he barked at his appointed time.

I'm not sure which of them was happier.

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  1. Beautiful post. Dusty just breaks my heart.