Sunday, March 9, 2014

blessed sunday

Another day of the week that worked out perfectly: besides church, we had nothing on the calendar.

More project knitted, more roving dyed, more laundry done, more cat balls made for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, more Mr. Selfridge watched. Plus a little bit of ironing and cleaning, but not too much so that it ruined the day altogether.

A heck of a lot of cat toys!
Only about a quarter of what I need, but still a good start.

All despite the missing hour, though it felt really good to be able to take pictures outside at 6:30 pm and have more than enough light.

I was feeling all productive-like until I unearthed the to-do list I had made on Friday morning.

Only one thing to cross off. Dang it.

It still was a pretty great Sunday. And Season 1 of Mr. Selfridge is finished, so that's something. Interesting story, especially the part about the suffragette colors, since I did so much research on that for the little beaded bag I designed last year. The set and props are amazing, and the costumes divine, especially the hats! Now I have a better understanding of why egrets were nearly wiped out. I give it a highly recommend as a Downton Abbey substitute.

Edited to add: Paige wanted to know where I found Season 1, because it is not easy to come by. Netflix doesn't have it, but my beloved library does! I requested it online and the boxed set was in the library for me two days later. Plus it includes a great making-of video as a bonus feature. Seeing how they constructed the set is well worth it. It was not filmed in Selfridge's, as I had assumed.

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  1. How'd you access season 1 of Mr. Selfridge? Hulu? Netflix? On Demand?