Wednesday, March 19, 2014

sad, sad day

No lambs to report today. Just a huge loss. My husband went out to do chores as usual—I was right behind him, heating up the bottle—when he called in to tell me that Lambykins was dead.

She gave us no clue that anything was wrong. As of last night, she was walking, eating, and taking care of her baby just fine.

It is days like these that make you question just why the hell you are doing this, anyway. Why don't you raise Christmas trees instead? Your kid wouldn't have a pet Christmas tree. He wouldn't cry when it didn't make it, for reasons known only to God (though we suspect a retained placenta). You wouldn't question whether your kid's heart is getting hardened by loss.

You certainly wouldn't have to worry about the baby making it now, too, with no one to take care of him and keep him warm and no one to feed him except you.


  1. Nothing worse than not being sure, and not having any symptoms or warning. So sorry for all of you, especially your son.

  2. Oh Kris. I'm so very sorry to hear about Lambykins. Somehow I know that God will make this ok in His perfect timing. Praying for all of you. Much love.

  3. Really sorry to hear this! I have extra milk replacer if you need it.