Monday, March 17, 2014

chickens in the snow

The Weather Channel must be regretting its decision to start naming snow storms this year. They are already on "Zeus" at this point. They will have to follow the lead of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and hope that little storm Z produces some sort of miraculous result that takes all the snow away.

The chickens were, once again, put out. They have decided that it is spring, dang it and have started laying in spades, regardless of the weather outside. I was thrilled to find this nice surprise last Thursday.

We only have three chickens, so someone had laid twice in 24 hours. What a bonanza! Our egg box in the fridge was sadly empty all winter. The few eggs they did lay were frozen and cracked by the time we found them. But now it is full with nice rich brown jumbo eggs again.

This morning they were adamant: their feet were not touching that white stuff.

Only treats worked to lure them out: leftover baked beans, tomatoes, and a piece of a stale bagel.

Who can resist leftovers?

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