Tuesday, March 25, 2014

lamb update

Still no more new lambs... I thought this snowstorm would bring on the last two but they are holding out for warmer weather, it seems!

I managed to snap a picture of Kali and her twins in the little pasture this afternoon. Jasmine's twins are in the background. Now that we don't have to worry about bottle feeding, all the lambs are going out with their mothers during the day, and into the barn at night.

The "into the barn at night" is a problem, as they are at the awkward in-between stage where they are not quick enough to follow their mothers, but too quick for us to catch them easily if they are left behind! Terzo and I had quite the chase around the pasture tonight in the snow trying to capture four stranded lambs.

The two bottle babies are also doing quite well.

The mom is an ag teacher, and she is taking them to school with her each day, along with all the kids from their farm, so they can all get their bottles on time. They will be the smartest lambs on the block, though I suspect they will think they are goats before too long.

Nemo has already learned to jump out of the pen in their garage, where they are all living for now. The family says he has the perfect name, as they have to play "Finding Nemo" every time he makes a break.


  1. I love it! Coming from someone who raises goats and sheep together, I guarantee you that the sheep will think they are goats :*)

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for ewe(s)!