Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dumb and dumber

(My nickname for the two big ram lambs; the triplets are the Three Stooges. Ask any shepherd and she will tell you, the bigger they are when they are born, the stupider they seem to be.)

They finally figured out the nursing drill, hallelujah. Last night they were nursing out of the left side only, and the poor right side was looking pretty full and unhappy. All those goat milking contests at the 4-H fair? They paid off. Secondo managed to get a decent amount of milk out of her to relieve the pressure. Who says learning a skill can't be fun?

This morning I came out to feed Dumber (the second, bigger lamb). I found him reaching under his mother's belly, from the left side, with his head twisted around so he could nurse on the right side of her udder.

I tried to explain to him that there was an easier way to go about it. And when I came back with the camera, glory be, they had gotten the hang of it.

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