Sunday, April 22, 2012

needle felted soaps

I couldn't resist sharing those photos of the lambs at play on Friday, instead of my farm on Friday work. But the reason I had a camera in my hand at just the right moment was that I was intending to take pictures of my latest creations!

Soap, of course...

I started combining needle felting with the felted wool casings around the soaps, and the results were addictive. These soaps are for the booth at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, so I needed quite a few, but I had to make myself stop making them once I got to forty soaps. I don't think any two are alike, either!

The festival is less than two weeks away, so I have shifted from "farm on Friday" work to "farm work around the clock, trying desperately to get ready." No time for knitting, even.


  1. Adorable! How much will you sell them for? Do you make the soap that's in them?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ditto to that question!

  3. I didn't make the soap in them -- I know my limits! I used a high end commercial bar (Yardley). The ones with the patterns are $7 and the multicolored ones are $6.