Tuesday, April 10, 2012

basket auction, take two

Every so often I check out what brings people to my little corner of the world. One of the most visited posts—I think it is my most popular post of all time—is this one. That picture of me is so horrendous that it makes me squirm every time I think about it being my most viewed shot. I have thought about taking the picture down, but console myself that it makes my friend Marta laugh hysterically every time she sees it.

One of the other things that lands people here is a search for "lottery ticket basket ideas" or something along those lines. I thought I would share the most recent incarnation of this idea for the two people per week who are interested.

This one is for the local fire company in town, which is still a mostly volunteer force paid for by donations and fundraising. Their Ladies Auxiliary Basket Auction is one of their biggest fundraisers. This basket qualifies for the low-end table (under $50) but they told me they are always in the most need for that category.

I used a jewelry organizer tree from Pier One (I never shopped in that store before I started with these lottery ticket baskets) and a pretty square plate I found on their clearance shelf. The hanging ribbons are taped to the back of the lottery tickets, because I worried that punching a hole in them would invalidate them for some reason.

All wrapped up in a clear gift bag with a pretty bow:

Hope this helps someone, most especially the Ladies Auxiliary!

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