Thursday, April 12, 2012

ewes in clover

We are experiencing a bit of a drought here on the East Coast—never thought I'd be saying I'm desperate for rain that after the wet, wet fall we had, but that's Mother Nature for you. We only have one bit of nice rich pasture left, but we were worried about turning the ewes onto it before acclimatizing their digestive systems to fresh grass instead of dry hay.

Today they finally got a crack at it.

They were in sheepy heaven.

Henrietta savoring her legumes.

I never saw them taking a break. They just chowed and chowed all day long. We put them back in the barn tonight because we were worried about the youngest lambs: there's no shelter except the trees in that area. They turned their noses up at the few flakes of alfalfa mix hay I tossed their way. Before, that was considered a rare treat; now they just want to be back on that grass!


  1. It looks beautiful, as usual! We are very dry here in New England as well. Hope it all works itself out. Wish our grass were as far along as yours it!

  2. Wow, that's beautiful! We're just starting to see some green here (ME)and it's very dry, too. Hoping things will turn around and we'll get some good grass like yours for our Moms and lambs.