Thursday, April 26, 2012

crafting frenzy

This fact says it all: I have not knit a stitch in over two weeks.

My sister-in-law gasped in shock when I told her this today.

It seems that my knitting obsession is just a crafting obsession, and as long as I am getting it scratched somehow, it's all good. Our dining room table looks like this, and my LSH is doing a masterful job of not complaining about it:

Wool, wool, everywhere, though it is such pleasure to work with wool produced by our sheep!

I have a long list of goals for items to vend at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend. So far, the only project that is completely ready for sale are the felted soaps.

Many other projects are in the pipeline though. If I can just finish up one project per day between now and next Friday, I will be in good shape, if only other ideas didn't keep popping into my brain. That's how it seems to work in times of constant creating.

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  1. I love your soaps! Everything looks great, Kris. Wish I could be there for the show :*(