Wednesday, April 18, 2012

little felt bowl, take two

My experiments with using knitted roving to make a little felted bowl continue... My third attempt (could be my fourth, I've lost count) was a different from my little pink bowl in that it used smaller needles with thinner drafts of the roving.

The finished object doesn't come out with as smooth a finish as one made from yarn, but I love how the purl side resembles the texture of a woven basket.

I really pulled and manipulated the wet fiber on this one to square off the transition from the sides to the bottom. It made me think of how potters work with the clay to get it into the shape they want, though the process is obviously a bit different!

My favorite part is the bottom of this particular bowl. The way the color switch worked out reminds me of an Impressionist paintings of the sun. Too bad that's the part you don't see, though I could always turn the bowl inside out.

The next step is to come up with a final set of directions (how to choose?) and make up a few kits to sell at Maryland Sheep & Wool. I have heard many great suggestions for uses: girls hairclips and barrettes, office supplies, etc. My LSH thought it would make a great wine cozy—it is the perfect shape and size! My mom wins for most creative: it weighs so little that she thought it would be perfect for travel (because it folds flat) to use as a catch-all for your watch and jewelry, so they don't get misplaced them in a hotel room.

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  1. I really like the basket-like appearance of the purl-side.