Tuesday, August 3, 2010

county fair

We are still recovering, but it was a great 4-H fair.

There were vegetable growing contests (all from our garden, hand-picked by Secondo)...

Pie-eating contests (yeah, my kids each won their divisions; they have big mouths, is anyone really surprised?)...

Goat-milking contests (my kid did not win, he has his mother's milking talent)...

There was getting your animals ready to show...

And showing your animals...

Or maybe your brother's animal (the ever-patient Giulia).

There was also a lot of just plain hanging out with your 4-H friends and having a good time.

Good, clean (well, maybe not so much clean in the hygenic sense of the word), honest fun. It's kinda hard to come by these days. But we had it in spades. Lucky kids! Lucky us!

Hurray for 4-H!


  1. I hope your kids know how lucky they are, Kris!

  2. So adorable! Looks like it was a great time. Have to say, the pie eating photos are a classic!

  3. People should know that you ran the whole show and what a great job you did! Your children are a product of great parenting, and I am so very proud of all of you. The fair is good wholesome fun and I'm so glad I witnessed part of it on Sunday!

  4. What great photos! Hope you clean up at the Salem County Fair.

  5. OMGosh that looks like soooo much fun!! Can I come next year?! Wish my kids had been able to do 4H...heck, I wish I'd been able to do 4H!!

  6. Those are great pictures Kris!...It was so much fun and you and your boys did such a great job :-)

  7. :0)---looks like a great time! I am so hoping we will be able to do something at the Wayne fair next year! My boys tried 4-H but it didn't "click". I think there is still so much Brooklyn in them :0). But we will have a garden next year plus more time for other things...at least I do hope so!
    HEY! What happened to your oldest one...THAT cannot be him...THAT is like a...like a;;;a...grown up!!!!???? Impossible. You really shouldn't post someone elses family members and claim them as your own...even if they do look just like you and the hubby :0)! Glad you had fun!