Sunday, August 29, 2010

maine attraction

As you may have guessed by now -- if you are even checking on this blog -- we have been on vacation.

Among other things.

The week before we left on vacation was one long giant snafu... the week after we got back, pretty much the same thing plus a lot of mail to sort through... but luckily, the vacation itself was pretty nice. We went to Ellsworth, Maine so we could take the boys to Acadia National Park. The last time we went to Acadia was also our last vacation B.B. (Before Boys) and we looked happy and carefree like so:

And here we are, almost exactly fifteen years later:

As you might expect from any vacation in close proximity to a National Park with my boys in tow, we did a lot of hiking, primarily to the tops of mountains:

And also some whale watching (the boat found a pod of around 15 pilot whales; if you click on the picture to make it larger, you can make out a baby whale's fin between and slightly behind the two adults):

And a bit of dramamine-induced snoozing.

The house we stayed at was on a pond, so there was also a fair amount of kayaking and canoeing:


And "school reading" in the hammock, the only place in which Primo's phone could send and receive text messages (cell phone is in hand, "The Good Earth" is on his lap):

And of course swimming:

Until we came home from hiking one day, and saw this enormous snapping turtle sunning itself on the jumping rock:

And then there was no more swimming.

Actually, I just realized that my first statement about Acadia was not entirely accurate. We were not, technically speaking, entirely without boy on that trip. I have helpfully circled the boy that accompanied us in "baby boy blue" so you can find him:

And here he is, just over fifteen years later.

Thank heaven I am no longer required to tote his butt around, because we wouldn't have had a prayer of making it to the top of any of those mountains. Quite frankly, it was all I could do to get just my own butt to the top of those mountains.


  1. I am happy to see that you are back to posting again and was at first wondering why you dressed in clothes that were obviously too big for you. Now I get it! How nice to go back with all three now. Glad you had a great time. I think that turtle would have kept me out of the water too. He is a monster.

  2. : ) What a magical place Maine is! I camped as a single guy in Bar Harbor and then took Yuki back to see the natural beauty of the place. Did you all drive? I drove the 1st time and then when we took the family over, we flew to Bangor and then drove into town. Love that place. I bet the water was still cold. Great to see the pics.

  3. great pics the before pics too. We are currently in Kennebunkport and took a picture of Cole & Jim at the Nubble Light House where we took one 6 years ago. Love to hear more about your trip. Chat soon...Kate

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time...I love the pictures...You guys look better now, that's a great accomplishment!...Aren't you glad you don't have another boy "in tow" on this trip! :-)

  5. Can I just say that you look like a million bucks in that most recent picture? You really do.

  6. I agree, you guys look great! Sorry we couldn't have connected while you were in our beautiful state :*/

  7. Such lovely family memories! Jim has this on his "bucket list" :0). HEY! Guess what I did today??? Went into the new KNITTING store in Honesdale and bought a skein of yarn AND learned how to knit in 5 minutes!!! Yeah well, it is just a straight line at the moment, but I have LONGED to knit for just ages!!! So, maybe I will have something to share :0). I shared about your farm and yarn with this lovely lady! Hey, I just thought of you sell your yrans wholesale? Maybe she can sell your wares :0). Just a thought! I can get her name if you like. The store is FABO and she was too. Let me know. My goal is to make HP scarves for everyone's HP House and the I want to make SOCKS!!!!! OODLES and OODLES of them---are they hard? i cannot imagine making anything round. Straight is challenging enough!!!