Tuesday, September 7, 2010

crafting chaos

Another fiber festival is looming on the immediate horizon, which means we have collectively descended into the 4th or so circle of hell here.

Pins are being needlefelted (though I can take no credit for the ghost and pumpkin pins, they are Secondo's creations):

Stitch markers are being wired (again with help from Secondo, who was thrilled to get a promotion to the assembly line, and Terzo, who now has the fine motor skills to thread the beads on the wires):

Row counters are being strung: 

Cards are being assembled:

Yarn is being dyed:

Roving is being packaged:

...all on or around our dining room table. It's the only time it seems to get used but that's no consolation for the madness. Five more days, then it will be all over and the table can return to its lonely state of isolation.

At the same time, Primo is off to high school. Today was his first day. Here is his first day of school picture, per Amy's request, just before he caught the bus:

That's right, that's the sunrise you can see behind his silhouette. Come daylight savings in November, we are going to have to start carrying a Coleman lantern to get him to the end of the driveway at that time in the morning.

His brothers weren't even up to take the traditional picture with him -- and besides, they don't start school until next week. My sanity will probably not make it that long... but here's a better picture of Primo to tide you over.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: how can I possibly have a kid in high school? My mind cannot seem to process the fact.


  1. WOW - Alex looks so tall. I just saw him on Saturday and he looks like he's grown since. Thanks, you know how I miss those first day of school pictures! Also - those cute ghost pins, if made in blue, could double for the little goblin bad guys in Pac-man! Do kids know what Pac-man is? Have a fun weekend!!

  2. Your booth looked great on Saturday Kris...I can't wait to get my wheel and spin what I bought...Then I will be back for more :-)

    I missed the felted pins...They are so cute...