Sunday, January 1, 2012

here we go again

Another year, another list of resolutions. Feel free to skip on to the next post, hopefully not ten days from now (see new resolution number 3). But as I find myself checking back from time to time to remind myself of my goals, guess I'll keep it up.

First to review my progress on last year's goals:

1. Knit more sweaters: I did pretty well on this one. Funnily enough, I knit four sweaters again this year, though unfortunately I only manage to share one on the blog. Two haven't even had pictures taken yet, though I wear them all the time. The other two were gifted away.

2. Buy less yarn: I did okay on this. Not great, but I did manage to knit up about 700 more yards than I purchased, so technically I was in the black. (Hey, my favorite yarn ever was discontinued. What choice did I have but to purchase a few sweater's worth on clearance? Plus I took a little tumble on sock yarn, also my favorite, also discontinued.)

3. Taking better care of the farm business: Nope. I did very little on this one, unfortunately. I actually suffered a bit of a setback as my local outlet went out of business.

4. Keep more organized sheep records: Yep! This was one of those things whereby the year was running out and I still didn't have it done. Rather than having to make it a goal YET AGAIN, I buckled down and got them thoroughly organized. They are now a thing of beauty.

5. More published articles: I managed two more in Piecework magazine, then I ran out of time. Maybe in the future though.

6. More regular exercise: I did pretty poorly on this one until I had my rear end handed to me on a platter by my kids while hiking during our vacation in August. I was so appalled at my lack of ability to keep up with them that I doubled my resolve to get in better shape. The dog and I manage a couple of miles, mostly running, about two out of three mornings. I ran four 5Ks this year, and just today I managed to run a five mile race -- which I still can't believe I did.

So for this year:

1. Knit four sweaters. That seems to be my ideal output: a sweater per quarter. Should also help me with goal number...

2. Continue with the stashdown. I loved how it made me more mindful about what I was adding to the rubbermaid container, and how it forced me to be creative with what I already have.

3. Blog more regularly, or at least back to previous levels. I barely made 100 blog posts this year, which is quite a bit down from prior years. 

4. Improve the farm business. This one is crying out for my attention. Third year's a charm.

And last but not least, a traditional one:

5. Eat more healthily. I am doing OK with the exercise end of things, but I need to get better at making healthy choices about what I put into my body as the flip side of that particular coin. So more raw carrots, fewer Wendy's fries with sea salt.

That's it for now! How about you?


  1. Happy New Year, Kris! It sounds like you are on the right track.

  2. I finally decided on a New Year's resolution! I had an idea in mind but could not put it in words. We eat very healthy but I was in a rut. I heard Vana White announce her resolution on Friday night and agreed that I liked her idea of pulling out the cookbook once a week and trying something new. But, as I was reminded tonight, it is not always easy due the lack of ingredients. Pasta Primavera was not so good without cream. I am not going to give up - just need to plan ahead.The same old ingredients make the same old meals. That is how I got in a rut!
    Good luck with your resolutions!