Thursday, January 26, 2012

by halves

Today was Halfway Day at Terzo's school: the school year is officially halfway done. The kids were encouraged to dress in a way that celebrated the spirit of the occasion.

He was quite proud of his outfit: half day wear, half night wear. Half camo, half plaid.

And the hair, of course, which he had come up with himself and I helped him execute (although he did try to quit halfway through the process).

I thought he looked like a maniacal leprechaun, but he was well pleased.


  1. Cute:) Had I known I would have given you some Injeera bread. We got a huge bag as a gift from an Ethiopian friend. We just had some for dinner Tue night. Was the restaurant in E.B good. I am curious. Happy New Year!!

  2. Does Terzo glow in the dark, too?