Thursday, January 5, 2012

clear the roads

It's official. Or rather, Primo is.

The little red decal means we now have a teenage driver with a permit.

I took my first ride with him this afternoon. My LSH and Secondo were very supportive as we pulled out of the driveway.

After my first gentle correction and the not-so-gentle rebuke I received in return, I made a rule: he is only allowed to say "okay" and/or "thank you" in response to my suggestions, or else I won't take him driving. His response (through gritted teeth) was "okay."

Actually, he did pretty well and was such a cautious driver that my biggest concern was that we would get rear-ended. We arrived at our destination a little late, but in one piece. He was highly pleased with himself.

Me, I am making an appointment with the hair salon to cover all the newly-sprouted grey hair.

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  1. Handsome young man behind the wheel! I feel for you, having been with 2 sons in the same situation :*)