Saturday, January 7, 2012

selfish knitting

Again with the knitting jargon: in knitspeak, a selfish knitter is one who knits exclusively (or at least preponderantly) for herself.

I see selfish knitting in a whole different light. To me, selfish knitting is the reason that I am able to retain my sanity on a day to day basis -- and I will be the first to admit that it's a tenuous hold at best. I spend quite a bit of time waiting for people to do this, or accomplish that, or finish whatever. I am very rarely without a knitting project in my bag, and whenever I am presented with a spare moment, I say a silent thanks to the person who gave me the opportunity, and knit away. I can transform any moment from one of frustration at demands imposed upon me, to one reserved just for me and my personal pleasure. Knitting allows me to carve out a tiny bit for myself no matter what craziness is going on around me.

If it weren't for knitting, I suspect I would be a seething mass of resentment and annoyance. As it is, I am able to handle all sorts of delays and dalliances with a spirit of acceptance and aplomb, thanks to knitting -- provided I don't accidentally lose one of my needles under my car seat.

Drive my high schooler and his girlfriend to a semi-formal dance, then wait around for them (because it's too far to go back and forth)? Not a problem. Dance the night away, my lovelies, or at least until the local Barnes & Noble closes.

A comfy chair, hot peppermint tea and knitting:
what more can a girl ask for?

Watch a bunch of second graders chasing basketballs around the gym? Bring it on! I will try to mind when my own child is shooting a basket. Though apparently I don't do as good a job as I might think, as Terzo told me today that I hadn't watched him play yet because "you had been knitting." For the record, I hadn't watched him play yet because I hadn't been there, being otherwise occupied with ferrying the other two around.

That is Terzo with the basketball;
I do pay attention!

As for the selfish knitting part, seems it applies only in terms of my time. The little pink project in both photos? Baby hats for Terzo's second grade teacher, of course, and I wouldn't want it any other way. A mom can only be so selfish.


  1. If selfish knitting helps you keep your sanity, it's a wonderful thing. And in all of your blog posts, most of the knitting you are doing are projects for others, so I don't see you as being very selfish at all!

  2. Sorry, but I haven't knitted socks for the soldiers this week....or last....or even the week or year before that. I don't knit because I'm responsible for clothing my nearest an dearest--or the world.

    I knit because it's relaxing and, goodness knows, it takes me so long to finish something. As for finishing something that appears good enough to give away? Not too often IMHO.

    Let them call it selfish if they want. I call it keeping my sanity somewhat controlled.