Saturday, January 28, 2012

a very belated christmas

Because of various circumstances beyond anyone's control, we weren't able to give my husband's grandmother her Christmas gift in a timely manner. Yesterday, faced with the prospect of pulling out a Christmas gift bag (blech!) to package her gift card, I decided on an alternate plan.

Voila! The sock yarn was left over from Secondo's Christmas socks, and the pattern was from Odd Ball Knitting: Creative Ideas for Leftover Yarn. The gift card fit perfectly inside the "leg" of the stocking.

I had picked up the vintage pin at our church's Barn of Wonders & Delights (I'll have to explain in a future post) a few months ago, because it reminded me of her. It wasn't really enough for a gift on its own, but it was the perfect decorative touch for this little stocking, right down to the colors. Now she can choose to wear it as a pin or leave it on the stocking, it's up to her.

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