Sunday, January 8, 2012

a spurt of sprouts

Terzo's second grade teacher is expecting twin baby girls next month, so off to the Little Sprout pattern I went, this time in pink:

The first one, on the right, seemed a bit too big for a twin, so I ended up making two more in a smaller size. Luckily a friend just got her first grandbaby so it found a home very quickly!

Now I am off to do some truly selfish knitting tonight. I have been giddy all weekend at the thought of the second season of Downton Abbey starting on PBS Masterpiece tonight. Two whole hours of Edwardian era goodness! I have spent every spare moment this weekend reviewing last season on Netflix, and as of 9 pm tonight, I am settling in with a sweater for me on the needles, in front of the big TV, and I don't care what football game I am interrupting. I told you I am being selfish!


  1. psst Downton Abbey is available instant streaming on Netflix.

    cute hats!

  2. Hooray for twin girls!! (I can't believe mine are 11-yrs-old.) And hooray for Masterpiece. I streamed it Monday night and stayed up way too late. Then Tuesday night I lay awake wondering what they were up to!?