Friday, December 30, 2011


(1) a remedy to counteract the effects of poison 
(2) something that relieves, prevents, or counteracts.

I have found the perfect antidote for frustrating lace knitting. Turns out, it is cotton washcloths. 

You can churn a finished product out in less than two hours, they are so quick and easy. 

You can choose a different stitch pattern for each one. 

You can reassure yourself that you really do know how to knit and purl, and follow a pattern. 

(Except for when you can't and then their size makes it dead obvious. I had no time to rip this one back and correct it because it was my last gift to finish, literally done one hour before it was gifted.) 

Best of all, you can recover from a stressful couple of weeks finishing Christmas knits in a way that doesn't produce a headache, restore your faith in your own knitting ability and eventually contemplate casting on a slightly more difficult project. 

Yes, this one is a scarf with little points, though these are worked at the same time that the scarf is knit. Little points, I will master you yet. 

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