Monday, April 28, 2014

two if by sea

My middle son, planting potatoes in the newly-cleared garden by moonlight and lantern light and flashlight.

Apparently they had to be planted today, because he cut them apart two days ago, and that's what the directions said.

I could wish that he showed the same dedication to task for things like homework and studying. Though a fifteen-year-old boy that looks up you tube videos on "how to plant potatoes" and then gets it done all by himself, because he picked out the potatoes at the Philadelphia Flower Show, because he had a yen to grow his own potatoes, is probably going to be okay. The report card may be less than desirable, but it is all good.


  1. And he is definitely ALL GOOD!

  2. Good for him. Fresh potatoes are the best! And lessons like this sometimes are almost as good as studying and grades :*)