Monday, April 7, 2014

dreaded deadline

The Downton Abbey deadline is looming, and of course I am way behind. Lambing always throws me off course.

I put on inspirational sockwear this morning, primed up Netflix, and knit knit knit away all day. Except for the stress of an impending deadline, it was a great way to spend a grey rainy day. I would be further along if I hadn't had to rip out everything from last night...

Current status is one project done (except for finishing), one project 2/3 done, and one project still to start. I hope to remedy the last problem tomorrow morning, and just do my best to knit like the wind for the next three days, because I have to leave time for washing, blocking and drying—although it has not been unheard of for slightly-damp projects to go in the mail, with an e-mail to the recipient to let them dry upon receipt. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, although it will be close.

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