Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have been told (*cough* thanks, Dad! *cough*) that a blog post is desperately overdue.

Unfortunately we have had a confluence of a heck of a lot of this:

Three days a week, to be exact.

Quite a bit of watching this—made more enjoyable by the fact that the older two are running together, so for once we have a two-for-one deal in the parental points department, but there goes the other two days:

They were both in this race and in this picture. Score two for me!

And a huge FFA science fair project deadline, with a competitor that looked like this right after he finished (ended up he won first place in the state for his division!):

Wearing his brother's jacket for luck. It worked.
He doesn't have his own yet.

Added all together, it means I am rarely by the computer. When I am, my brain is the equivalent of cheap neapolitan ice cream in the weak springtime sun.

I will leave you with a shot of sheep grazing the front yard, taken through a flowering sand cherry with my iPhone, which I had hoped would turn out a bit more artsy-like. We can hope for better tomorrow.

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