Tuesday, April 1, 2014

model patient

It's been a while since Valentine made an appearance here. The lambs have knocked her out of primary blog-model status.

Photographer: Secondo

She's still the darling of the house, much to Dusty's jealousy. Even Primo, normally immune to her kittenish charms, had to capitulate the night she got stuck in his bedroom and ended up cuddling next to him all night. Until 5 am, when she decided to play with his feet under the covers. And then 5:15 am, when she decided to investigate his desk and knock off every pen and paperclip she found. The next night he searched his room before he closed the door, to make sure she didn't stow away again, though I do hear him talking kitten talk to her when he thinks no one is listening.

Photographer: me

Yesterday was her first visit to our vet, and she managed to charm that office as thoroughly as she has everyone who has come into contact with her at the house. She submitted with good grace to every sort of indignity that may be visited upon a cat at the vet, never once protesting or resisting or showing any sort of negative behavior whatsoever. In fact, we have never heard her growl or hiss. She is a model of magnanimous behavior.

Photographer: Terzo

The only exception has been stink bugs, but unfortunately she doesn't kill them. Can you imagine, a cat that kills stink bugs? It would be worth its weight in gold. Or orange, as the case may be.

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