Saturday, April 26, 2014

mercer's babies

Remember way back in November, when Mercer the ram lamb visited Robin's farm to breed her two Coopworth ewes?

Turns out he did a great job. Her first ewe delivered last Tuesday. We were hoping for a ewe out of her, because she was the National Champion Coopworth two years ago.

No dice, of course. Twin rams. Cute as the dickens, though. Mr X is an especially curious guy.

This is his brother, currently no name, and the current frontrunner for "most likely to keep his balls."

We are waiting for the other ewe, twin sister to this one, to lamb, to see if she comes through with a ewe. Our farm doesn't need another ram, but I would like to have those genetics in our flock.

I went up yesterday to help Robin dock their tails and to talk about wethering them. We hemmed and hawed and basically chickened out, so the boys get to be true boys for a bit longer at least.

After we were done, Robin let them out onto pasture for the first time. Mama was thrilled to be back on grass. The lambs have no idea why the green stuff on the ground is important, they have no clue what to do with it, but they understand right away that they are supposed to do something. They'll figure it out soon enough.

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