Thursday, April 3, 2014

marvelous spring day

Awoke to something we haven't seen for a very long time: spring sunshine!

It was especially welcome because I am not working today. I told my boss last week that four days per week was simply too much time for me to be gone from home. Too many things around here are falling through the cracks, or more like crevasses, that have opened up.

The new goal is two to three days per week in the office, and the rest from home as needed. It remains to seen how this will work out, or if it will work out, but it's a start.

Speaking of starts... A day off with sun meant a day of starting more projects for Maryland Sheep and Wool, which is only one mere month from today!

Dyeing wool, of course... and making cat toys and dryer balls. No worries that the laundry is backed up because it means more time to work on those. I'll get all this wool out the door yet.

Spring also means...

Opening day for the Trenton Thunder!

But true to form for us, despite the beautiful spring day, we got April showers in the fourth inning.

We had to beat a hasty retreat, but luckily not until we'd had our fill of ballfield hot dogs and crab fries. No matter what Mother Nature says, spring is officially in session.

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