Thursday, May 13, 2010

what didn't get picked

Looking at the pictures of what I picked and what stayed in the basket, the obvious gender bias became apparent. These were left behind:

because despite the attractive copyright dates in the early fifties, I knew there was no way that any male in my family would be caught dead in an argyle vest, even if a pipe or power tools was involved.

There was also a clear chronological cut-off. Late sixties and early seventies, um, NO, for obvious reasons.

The eighties also brought back particularly painful fashion memories. I don't care if they are coming back into fashion, I refused to jump on the leg warmer bandwagon. Though if I am perfectly honest, I must admit that my pre-teen self would have LOVED the design on the left with the rainbow hearts. I think I owned about ten other pieces of clothing that would have been a perfect match, hearts and all.

The desire to knit and presumably wear this fruity number remains inexplicable to me, despite my own design attempts of that general time, which included various smiley face patterns.

And this one (though I missed the fact that Lily Chin wrote one of the articles, which may have made it worth buying):

If I am going to knit something that ginormous, I may as well go ahead and make something from this book, copyright 1941 (which I found in the Book Garden about a year ago):

Any one of these would be preferable, though I don't think I could ever bring myself to throw it on a bed.


  1. you surely heard my LOL at the 'fabulous' 60's knits! Sadly-or not-I remember. However, I did not--repeat: did not make or wear any of those styles. My biggest challenges were how to get out of wearing the often ugly things my mother and grandmother made me. (often that involved getting rid of it after leaving the house but remembering to put it back on before I got home--but out of sight of anybody I knew. Glad that you are sensitive to such sensitivities.

  2. yeah - I think that Gypsy Huggers book may have come straight from my grandmother. She made me a tank type sweater vest just like those and I liked it as a pre-teen. I can't believe it now. I am hoping that I did not wear the hat with it as well.