Friday, May 7, 2010

belated thanks

A few months ago (ack!!! has it really been that long?), Saille nominated me for a beautiful blogger award. Although it may appear otherwise by my failure to mention it on this blog, I was tremendously flattered by the nomination.

The problem is that to accept the award, you have to do a few things, and we all know how I am on follow-through:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you on your blog (see title of post);

  2. Link to the person who nominated you (see beginning of post);

  3. Copy the award and paste it on your blog (see above);

  4. Nominate seven other beautiful bloggers (see end of post); and

  5. List seven interesting things about yourself.

And therein lies the problem.

Over the course of the last two months, at odd times in my day (mucking out the barn, rinsing dyed roving, folding laundry), my mind has returned again and again to what I could possibly list about myself that anyone would find remotely interesting, apart from those "fascinating" tid-bits that you already know. This has been the biggest hold-up to my formal acceptance of this lovely award. I am still no closer to coming up with these seven items but I feel that waiting any longer to accept would make me appear even more ungrateful than I already do.

So without further ado, here is my I-have-no-idea, maybe-you'll-find-them-interesting-despite-my-best-efforts things about me:

  1. I wanted to be a vet from about age 10 on.

  2. I failed calculus my first semester of college; so much for vet school.

  3. I still kept on with my biology degree.

  4. Then I went to law school; so much for biology (though in a round-about way, that's how I know Saille).

  5. I met my LSH during our senior year of college in Anatomy & Physiology lab, so the biology degree came in handy after all (in our meet-cute story, that is; get your mind out of the gutter).

  6. I practice quite a bit of veterinary skills these days thanks to the happenstance of sheep and other farm animals in our lives, so in six degrees my life came full circle.

  7. I only had two wisdom teeth.

Reading this over, I realize that it is more of a life story than interesting facts sort of list, with the exception of the last item, which isn't particularly interesting.

Thank goodness listing seven beautiful bloggers is quite a bit easier -- so much easier that I listed eight!

  1. Lapsus Calumni
  2. Lakeshore Textiles
  3. Ruit Farm Web Journal
  4. Hatchtown Farm Journal
  5. Crazy Fiber Lady
  6. Resting Under the Pine Tree
  7. Karmic Imprints
  8. Zarzuela Knits and Crochets


  1. I'm always faintly amazed by how much we have in common, since none of those things have anything to do with how we know each other!

    I sort of hate putting people over a barrel by giving them those awards, but I do love your blog, and it's nice to be appreciated, isn't it?

  2. Don't feel bad, I was very appreciative of my award! And you are slightly wrong about none of those things being how we know each other, because if I hadn't gone to law school then I would have had to stumble upon you in the wilds of Ravelry.

  3. You had two more wisdom teeth than I did. I did have an extra front tooth which I managed to knock out going over the handle bars of my bicycle.