Monday, May 10, 2010

april down, may to go

Here I am, true to form, celebrating the completion of my April sweater:


Details: 3TimesChic, in a cotton/acrylic blend (reputedly with some repurposed soda bottle content) purchased from Little Barn at Rhinebeck in (I think) 2007

I had a devil of a time with the seaming, which is why I tend to avoid sweaters that require use of the skill (or my lack thereof). All three sweaters done so far this year were knitted in the round with minimal seaming required. I was folding laundry last Thursday when it hit me that I was folding laundry as an avoidance tactic to not face seaming. I made myself march upstairs, pull out the darning needle, get down to work and I produced: this pathetic shoulder seam.


That was supposed to be the right side. Out it came. I tried again and produced a slightly more attractive seam, but this time with a not-so-attractive hole.


Sigh. The third time finally looked acceptable and by the time I made it down the sleeves (wondering the entire time why I had not converted to pattern to knit it in the round), I was getting fairly proficient at it.

I sucked it up and finished this afternoon, thanks to my lucky sweater-finishing earrings (thanks Marta!). They have worked every time so far.


Now onto May... I am a little slow out of the gate on this one, but I busted out my new ball winder this afternoon (thanks Mom and Dad!) and got down to business.


  1. The sweater looks great! I actually like seaming. Ask me the next time I see you for some pointers.

  2. Nicely done, Kris! And it's good to see you combining the sweater fit with one of your favorite pastimes (as per Terzo).