Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy blogiversary to me!

Yep, two whole years since I started this thing, and I think that the people in my life are heartily sick by now of hearing me say annoyingly bloggy things like "I put pictures on the blog" or "check out the blog" or "I wrote all about it on the blog" or "this will be a great story for the blog!"

Heck, I'm sick of hearing me say things like that.

But after two years of doing this, I plan to keep on doing it because it does have value for me and I'm selfish that way. I love the bit of creativity it requires (granted, it could use a little bit more); I love the brain flexing needed to come up with the perfect word or a good turn of phrase (granted, it could use a little bit more of that, too).

Also, it gives my dad something to read in the morning.

In connection with this milestone, I have been doing some long (!) hard (!!) thinking about where this blog has been and where it is headed, and I do have some thoughts and perhaps even a direction after all this time. I need some help, though.

So my question for you, my loyal readers (and hopefully there are still some of you out there besides my parents), is: what would you like to see more of? Or less of?

Blurry pictures of my garden/knitting/whatever strikes my fancy?

Cute, or not-so-cute, stories of my kids?

Icky sheep procedures?

Videos of the dog?

Musings on outdated textile patterns and their feminist significance?

I am going to leave this up for a few days so please be brutally honest with your thoughts. To encourage your suggestions, I am offering this skein of beautiful mmmmMalibrigo in Sealing Wax Red to a randomly-selected commentor:

If yarn is not your thing, then I will come up with a suitable substitute.

Thanks for hanging in for the ride so far.


  1. Congratulations on your two years. I enjoy checking in and reading your posts, but I especially appreciate the pics of children and animals and stories about them. And the yarn biz is fascinating.

  2. I am happy to read about whatever you want to talk about! Friends don't censor friends - LOL! (I'm a big help, aren't I?)

    Thanks for mentioning my blog a while back!

  3. The girls and I agree we want more sheep! We love the sheep shots.

    "I want sheep, but I don't want to take care of them." - Olivia

    "the sheep are so cute." - Sophie

  4. I know: I'm not entitled to vote, but the Internet gives me a voice and I'm gonna use it to add my 2 cents anyway. What do I like? I love it all because the diversity is a good reflection of what you are thinking and doing. It's pure YOU. (Thank God you are one smart and crazy--and very interesting--woman!)

    And that's what makes your blog a joy to read. Sometimes I awe at the pix and other times your insight stretches my brain. Other times, it's a quick catch-up on what you're doing.

    So bring on the trivia and the polls and sheep pix and the kid pix and anything else that's on your mind at the time you sit down at the computer!

    Re: Lack of commentary. You get more responses to your blogs than most professionals do--I mean people who are blogging as part of their work schtick and trying to earn some portion of their living doing it. They desperately want/need to hear something back from their blogosphere. Check 'em out. Few get comments. But that doesn't mean people don't read them--usually it just means they don't have anything remarkable to add. And so they don't.

  5. Congratulations on the blogiversary! I love to read anything you put into the blog. Your life is similar to mine and I love to hear about all the things we are doing on the farm that you are doing also, from your point of view; love the kid and dog stuff; love the knitting stuff as well! But I think it is your point of view and your voice that is always interesting. And keeps me coming back to read more!

  6. Every word from your keypad is golden!

  7. Congratulation on your Anniversary! Your blog always brings a smile, whether its stories about the kids, sheep or your knit projects. Love them all! Thanks for the glimpse inside your life :)

  8. I LOVE your blog just the way it is!!

  9. I met you at a fiber / sheep show because we have the same kind of dog so I love anything fiber (especially tutorial because there are so many interesting ways to play with it!) and animal related. As a mom I love the kid stuff. And as someone who is not a lawyer, is not married to a small town dr and doesn't travel to New Orleans I like that too! I have been contemplating blogs lately -- what I read and why, would I ever do one -- and what like in yours is the honest voice vs Persona on the way to trying for a book deal or nothing boring or ugly happens here type blog. Obviously it feeds some part of you or you wouldn't do it and it wouldn't be interesting. Thanks!

  10. Congrats on your blogiversary! I've made your blog part of my daily routine (I have a routine?). I love that you'll always make me smile no matter what you're writing about. Maybe it's because we have a lot in common -- sheep, fiber, patient hubbies, sons (even tho mine are grown & out of the house) -- but it's also just plain good fun and so you!