Sunday, May 30, 2010

sheep on sunday

By popular request (yes, three counts as popular around these here parts), some sheep shots for you. These are the newest additions to our flock, a mother-daughter pair. Primo and I drove out to Harrisburg PA last Saturday to pick them up.

They are not super happy at our place yet and spend quite a bit of time hiding out in the shed. The mother left her other lamb behind, so I think that was the reason for some of the discontent. The lamb that came with her had scours (sheep diarrhea, but I think the term is so accurately descriptive that we should adopt it for human use as well) so we had to keep them in the barn for a while so we could monitor her feed and treat her as necessary. I think the forced confinement was another thing to complain about.

Unfortunately the only times we have caught the little one, she has either (1) been forcefed medicine with a drenching syringe or (2) been haltered and had cold water shot out of a hose at her nether regions to clean her off before the maggots found her. Naturally, neither of these things has endeared us to her.

This is the most common view we have of her -- luckily, quite useful to see if the scours have cleared up. So far, so good in the past few days.

She needs a name that starts with J, and while we're at it, her mom needs one starting with H. I am thinking Jemima for the lamb but I am at a complete loss for the mom. Any ideas?


  1. Hester, Hannah (or Hanni), Hatti, Hedda, Hester, Helga, Heloise, Hilda, Holly, Hortense, Hyacinth

  2. You could always name her after me! :-)

    They will forgive and forget eventually!

  3. I like Holly. Henrietta? too much of a mouthful.

  4. Hagar! Which means flight. Nice sheepy shots.

  5. ahhahah, that was me, signed in as Doug! - SC