Thursday, April 1, 2010

april's fool

Turns out the fool is me. I thought our last pregnant ewe passed her mucous plug last night -- not to be too gross -- which is supposed to indicate that labor will start within 12 to 14 hours. Well, I have spent the entire day staring at a sheep's nether regions with absolutely no lambs to show for it. I am certain that she is laughing her woolly butt off at me.


Even better, I got our truck stuck in our front yard -- right next to where the cop got stuck two weeks ago, and down the way from where a patient got stuck last week -- as I was not paying sufficient attention while backing out of our driveway.


I feel as if this blog is devolving into one long stuck-in-the-mud story but perhaps it means the blog has finally found its theme. Thank goodness for the kind-hearted truck and trailer repair guy on the corner. He graciously came right away, hooked up the tow rope properly, pulled me out, and then refused any payment -- and all before the next patient showed up and noticed that I was blocking the driveway.


Because this happened right in front of my LSH's office while they were in between patients, I was certain that he and his office manager Joan were inside laughing their pants off. I called them as soon as I had a chance (because of course I was rushing somewhere else), and found out that they were completely unaware of my predicament.


In fact, Joan was sure that I was playing an April Fool's joke on her. She didn't believe me until I presented her with Primo's corroborating testimony, the pictures he had taken for the blog, and the rut and muddy tire track.

I just wish I would have been clever enough to come up with that prank, instead of being not-so-clever enough to drive into my own treacherous front yard.


  1. ha ha h a: )

    Where is this spot. Making sure I dont drive around there. I have Potato seeds for you.

  2. Since it happened late at night in the torrential rain last week, I don't have a picture to show you of where I backed my Subaru smack into the middle of our vegetable garden, trying to back around into the driveway. In my defense, it is a tight, dark corner, and who can see in the rain in reverse, anyway??? My husband is not too pleased. I think he has visions of me continuing that after we have it planted.

    Hope your ewe has had a change of heart and given you some lambies!