Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i get to

I recently read a great article by Kristin Armstrong in the May Runner's World magazine about changing the way you think about every day events. Instead of coming at things with a at-the-end-of-my-tether-and-holding-on-by-a-thread attitude (which is 95% of my direction these days, it seems), the basic premise is that you use the phrase "I get to" to come at them with gratitude instead.

As today is my birthday, it seems as good a day as any for an attitude overhaul.

Instead of "rats, I really need to get back to running to get my fat butt in shape..."

..."I get to run myself breathless on a beautiful day with my dog and husband!"

Instead of "do those sheep need to be fed again?..."

... "I get to go out to the barn and see those little babies! And feed the sheep!"

Instead of "I really have to get working on my April sweater which requires ripping out the front of a sweater I started last year, for the third time..."

... "I get to rip out the front of my sweater for the third time!"

Instead of "I have to go to the vet's and get dewormer for my darn dogs who can't resist the taste of poop, and make special meals for them to mask the taste of the powder..."

... "I get to make special meals for my discerning dogs!"

Hmm, this is going to take some getting used to, I can see.


  1. I don't understand why they make Panacur dewormer in powder form instead of a capsule or even a tablet. Turkey baster down the throat made a mess. Canned food has lost its novelty as a medicine disguise for my dogs. Cooked ground chicken/turkey with yogurt seasoned with Panacur now gets left in the dish for a few days. Last time I tried cream cheese and that worked...that time. I go through this at least twice a year and more when they get Giardia in the warm weather. Glad to know I've got company on this one....let me know what works for you.

  2. Oh no, it could be WORSE? I never even considered the possibility that they would turn their noses up at canned food.

  3. Happy Birthday kiddo. Hope it is a good one. I hope you 'get to take the day off and put your feet up' at least once.